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Eric Gross Lab

We are a translational lab precisely advancing anesthetic pharmacology, pain, and organ injury research

Our Focus

Developing Novel Treatments for Pain

Unlocking the Neurobiology of General Anesthesia

Improving Strategies to Limit Organ Injury

The research is centrally focused on aldehydes and aldehyde metabolism by the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2).  Nearly 540 million people carry a genetic variant in ALDH2, ALDH2*2, which affects these biological processes we study.  This is highlighted by our research published in journals such as Science Translational Medicine, Pain, BJA, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Redox Biology, and Physiological Reviews.

Core Values

Our lab is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Stanford University is in Santa Clara County where 34% of our population is Asian.  Our studies ultimately will provide precision medical care for this population while also providing insight into basic biological mechanisms to unlock novel strategies to impact care for people of all ethnicities.

Sponsors and Affiliations